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The Tamaskan Database is an online dog database developed and maintained by Wolfsbane Creations, a KvK registered company in the Netherlands. Our goal is to collect and share Tamaskan pedigree & health information to Tamaskan lovers worldwide.

When I got my Tamaskan puppy Konah back in 2009 I became interested in potentially breeding from her. At some point I started to look at male dogs but it was very hard to find any info on dogs pedigrees... were these males I was looking at related to my female? The only people who could provide this info were the breed founders, but unfortunately they were pretty reluctant to share information. Because of this I started to look up as much info myself through google, forums and talked to many owners and breeders. Every time a dog and his/her parents were mentioned I would write this down, soon I had whole pages of names scribbled everywhere, not the most organized. I thought it would be really cool and useful to our breeders if we had an online pedigree database that listed every dog and their ancestors, health info etc. That's how the online Tamaskan Database came to be!

˜ Rahne Meeder, owner of Wolfsbane Creations