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If your Tamaskan Dog is missing from the database and you would like him or her to be added you can send an email to We will need your dogs kennel name, call name, gender, date of birth, registration number, registry, country of standing, and parents kennel names. Optionally you can also let us know their height (at the shoulder), weight, coat color and type.

Please note that the Tamaskan Database is against 'commercial' breeding. Unfortunately there are breeders out there who breed Tamaskan Dog puppies without concern for the parents health, lineage or character... breeding only for money. If your Tamaskan Dog comes from a disreputable breeder we might decline to add your dog.

If you want to add an avatar and/or cover image for your dog you can email these images to The images need to be either in .jpg or .png format. The cover image needs to be (at least) 1140px width and 300px height. The avatar image needs to be (at least) 200px width and 200px height. If images are larger they will be sliced to the correct width and height.

If you want to add health test results you can email the results to You must include copies of the health test results to the email.

Send an email to with any questions you have and we will get back to you asap!